Our team PHYSIOSOS24 was established in 2013 and is comprised of physiotherapists with great experience both in Greek public hospitals and the private sector, all graduates from the University of Applied Sciences – Physiotherapy Department.

Our experts deal both with


  • common, everyday problemssuch as musculoskeletal and neurological problems and
  • complicated – neglected – chronic diseases that can only be resolved with absolute experience and specialization, for instance, upper / lower limb cases, persistent joint dysfunction and chronic pain.


Our effort is innovative and is based on collaboration among professionals: the eldest in the team with years of experience and skill, accompany the youngest physiotherapists at house visits, act as their advisers and provide them with constant feedback. The team is independent from the network of physiotherapy in Greece and proudly maintains a healthy idealism towards the “art” of physiotherapy.

Whether you live in Attica or you are a traveler at the region, we come at your lodging, 24/seven, offering high quality services, at very reasonable prices. Our portable equipment, which is of the highest technology, combined with our experience, guarantee the full recovery of the patient in the shortest time possible.

You may contact us at our call center 6987-718888 and one of our therapists will be with you shortly. We may also discuss your problem and provide you with advisory support.

Our team, having a holistic approach to physiotherapy, has recently made an appeal to qualified psychologists to enter the team, thus broadening the range of its activities and creating the team Psy-chologistsSOS24.

Our psychotherapists provide people, including teenagers, the elderly and people with special needs, with


  • counseling / short-term psychotherapy
  • neuropsychological evaluation and rehabilitation
  • stress and depression management.


The experience PhysioSOS24 offers is well worth your time and trust.